Why not World Game, Act 2: The Design Revolution!

Scene: Bucky Fuller’s office on the web, Q1, 2023.

We see Bucky Fuller with cat in his studio library on the internet.

This is indeed an unexpected occurrence, as Bucky died in 1983.

At least that is how Bucky remembers it, and is no less surprised than the internet folks who have encountered him so far, some of them rather nasty.

Is this really what the internet has turned into in 2023? Bucky thought it would have been different.

While he predicted something like an internet back in the 1960s and 1970s, this internet did not look like anything Bucky ever predicted would happen.

Why would the world not adopt his grand vision already by 2023?

Sincere question, dammit!

Alas, we ended Act 1 with Bucky being quite frustrated that no one remembers who he is or has any idea about “The World Game”.

Bucky found himself utterly disgusted with the state of affairs of humanity so long after his passing.

While he was briefly annoyed towards the end of Act 1 (2022), Bucky decided instead to turn on his “positive intelligence” and not descend into the “negative intelligence” of social media.

“It is time to release the memes!”, and with that, Bucky launches his “Design Revolution” on the World Wide Web on January 1st, 2023.

I meme to be a verb

The nature of an idea is to distribute omnidirectionally!

Bucky realized that in his own office and study on the web, he could use the tools of the computer and internet to design and broadcast an advertising campaign for his “design revolution”.

The ad campaign Bucky always wanted when he was alive was now at his fingertips. “Maybe this internet is more interesting than I thought” Bucky said to himself, turning on his positive spin.

He realized that he could use web3 technology in his own way, and apply “whole systems design”, using 9×3 Narrative Logic, and use smart contracts and non-fungible tokens to tell his story.

“Maybe folks just need to see how these design principles work, in real time” Bucky thought.

Bucky quickly finds some “spontaneous collaboration” from an artist collective.

Act 2 introduces “Master of the Line” Mucci Fassett, with Carey Yost as Art Director, Amber Hardin as Scene Artist, Rome Viharo as Project Designer and Zack Zarate as de-gen Ambassador to the cool kid crypto communities.

Call to Action

Get a Passport Token!

While Act 1 used 9×3 narrative logic to create a “fake” regenerative AI Profile Picture NFT to introduce Bucky, Act 2 opens up narrative logic to communicate a theme in real time, as it unfolds through community storytelling and equity building.

This narrative structure allows for creative variations and themes to change and become customizable within smart contracts, and essential for a new kind of narrative distribution on the Polygon blockchain and a new innovation for copyright and creator platforms.

Narrative logic is a design for community engineering, producing pathways that allow for fluid spontaneous creativity within any multimedia format to flourish within a decentralized organization through smart contracts.

This opens to door for the creation of true “plural money” or genuine “soul-bound” tokenization, a storage of community created treasure, backed by community created equity, and rewarded with copyright royalty streams.

A truly stable and rewarding asset, a perfect union of arts and engineering, copyright and equity.

The Medium is the Message

Fun stuff: Marshall McLuhan’s keyphrase “The Medium is the Message” from the 1960s was entirely inspired by Bucky Fuller, who claimed Marshall McLuhan didn’t have one original idea in him, it was all Bucky’s concepts, played out as Marshall McLuhan’s “Global Village”.

“Bucky Fuller, mAD Man” on the Polygon blockchain

If you want to follow 9×3 narrative logic as it unfolds on the Polygon blockchain, go to our collection page on OpenSea, and sort by “oldest”.

As you can see on OpenSea, The Medium is indeed the Message; Act 1 ended with Bucky having negative reactions to his first online encounters, Act 1 Scene 3, which retailed for $1,080 each, contained one hundred and twenty unique one of one variations on this theme.

Act 1 closed with Bucky having a grim outlook on how the internet turned out long after he predicted something like it would form into his “World Game” design.

With such a grim outlook on web 2.0 and humanity, what would Bucky do next on the internet?

Act 2 Scene 1 continues in this linear narrative fashion, with all one hundred and twenty works showcasing Bucky Fuller’s “Design Revolution” made with 100% Bucky approved “Positive Intelligence”.

If you did not know much about Bucky before Act 1, Act 2 should clear that up for you.

Now we see the escalation continue, we see the story go in a new direction on the blockchain, in a linear narrative fashion that plays out in real time, with Act 2, Scene 1, which retails for $3,240 USD and then continuing to grow community treasure.

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