Big Mother’s DAO tech and IP roadmap, Round 2

Move quickly and fix things.

Round 1 CLOSED, currently deploying Round 2 roadmap.

Meet PiP!

Big Mother launches Decentralized Autonomous Media Networks and Private Internet Pages on the World Wide Web!

Our ROUND TWO roadmap entails building a decentralized mobile content network for crypto and web3 news and blogging websites, giving us a monthly audience reach of around 60M to begin.

You can see the site list for the first D.A.M.N PiP Network here.

Thank you B.A.E.! If you are on a mobile device, you can click here to see a PiP page load on your device from our server.

Big Mother begins development on conflict resolution and consensus building platform Aiki Wiki!

Aiki Wiki has formally began development! Thank you BAE!

About Technology Roadmap

Our technology roadmap represents 1/3 of the Why not World Game BAE fund, with each round and act creating community obligations in the building and escalation of community created equity properties.

Big Mother DAO’s Studio Novità distributes $47M out of our $141M Co-Fund dedicated to our roadmap by selling copyright which expresses the theme of our purpose.

Please contact us on our discord channel to discuss diligence, business plans, valuations, pilot studies and logistics.

Big Mother Agency, Inc

Introducing PiP, Private Internet Pages™ and Decentralized Autonomous Media Networks

  • The Private Internet Page, or PiP, is a totally private HTML5 content page that cannot be indexed by search algorithms or collected by third parties. The PiP exists on a single channel, single page location, and can be changed dynamically.
  • This new type of mobile internet content page looks just like any other content page, and can become a native extension to any website or app, where their own customizable PiP channel can broadcast a content page to 100% of the full audience.
  • Provides 100% mobile audience reach for content pages for websites and web publishers. Solves the viewability problem for brands.
  • Boosts online news and journalism sites with responsible and more profitable product that allows them to disconnect from big tech media markets.
  • Piloted, tested. Valuations and executive summaries available upon request.

Aiki Wiki: Mutually Resolving Consensus Algorithm for the world wide web

This project is the heart of Big Mother DAO, and has multiple applications in social media, web3, law, finance, and governance.

The first step will be the forming of the IP company for 9×3 narrative logic.

Accepted into the National Science Foundation. R and D, phase and MVP phase, we missed Phase 1 deadline so will also re-submit in this phase.

Aiki Wiki has strong potential to change how we build consensus, globally.

Come in on the ground floor of one of the most innovative and exciting technologies emerging in 2023.

Round three roadmap

Attention as a digital asset and financial marketplace; The Private Internet Penny.

How much is five seconds of attention worth on the internet?

Introducing the world’s first true attention currency and digital asset, an entire media marketplace design for a true attention economy.

Only Big Mother has a true “attention currency” that can be measured, distributed implemented around the web, one that can easily be adopted in mobile media markets, and one that can replace “data” as the monetization point for the web.

This means that a transferable digital asset can store actual attention value, distribute it, and simultaneously become a perfectly stable micro currency for the world wide web, a “Private Internet Penny” Surprise, it’s not a cryptocurrency yet can interact with both fiat USD as well as cryptocurrency.

A into P whitepaper.

Bootstrapping Arts and Engineering

A new type of narrative fundraising and “doing more with less”, demonstrates how a sophisticated community can begin with a budget of $0 and generate a “studio fund” that can fund itself, market itself, distribute itself to the tune of $141M.


CopyCake is a “coin as a service” utility which transform any creative work into a formal copyright asset for a small fee.

Deployment Phase Q1 2023

Why not World Game, LLC

Why not World Game is a copyright holding company that enforces copyright, expands the copyright, and manages the royalty pool.

Studio Novità

A platform that would allow any community to create a similar DAO studio fund structure as Big Mother DAO.

A complete DAO structured platform that allows a community to build a narrative fund, create content, distribute content through 9×3 narrative logic consensus building managed by a smart contract and a ternary multi-sig wallet config.


A “mutually resolving” ride share service more equitable to cities and drivers (scoping phase)