Non Fungible Theater

Why not World Game?

Big Mother’s DAO tech and IP roadmap, Round 1 and Round 2

Things move fast. Big Mother’s DAO raises $47M by selling copyright towards a purposeful development and deployment roadmap, our purpose.

In return, startups receiving these funds agree to forgo standard VC or Angel funding and agree to pursue an alternative to a Wall Street Initial Public Offer using SEC regulated security tokens for crowdfunding marketplaces. See the list of companies emerging within Big Mother’s DAO BAE fund here. See our purpose and mission here.

Chapters 1 – 5 of Why not World Game BAE provide $590,000.00, 1.2% of the total fund, to the first company formed within our DAO, Big Mother.

Big Mother then inherits a legacy asset, an entire piloted and tested platform decentralized content distribution on the web, including the legacy business plan, all developed over seven years and with $700,000.00 in funding. This puts us at somewhat of an extreme advantage; Big Mother’s DAO begins with an equity asset with a high valuation and activity on a marketplace.

Step 1: Acquire & Deploy Q4 2022

Begin by acquiring Zeit.LA, and applying the legacy technology, business plan, and valuation to the company, and give it a new name, Big Mother.

  • Phase 1 SNIP Decentralized Dynamic Content Network: Non-indexed HTML5 dynamic content pages, decentralized supply and demand.
  • Phase 1 Flash-blog Server: Dynamic server which distributes SNIP pages.

Big Mother will then make an investment in starting two new formal companies, “Aiki Wiki” and “CopyCake” in exchange for ownership stake in both entities and finalize scoping.

Deploy Q1: 2023 sees Aiki Wiki, CopyCake, Multi-Sig

Aiki Wiki Pilot: Aiki Wiki is a platform for scaled online consensus building. It is the first application of 9×3 narrative logic. It also informs Big Mother’s DAO studio.

An application of Game Theory and Psychology to a computer interface design that only allows for a mutually resolving outcome programmatically. This project was also invited to submit a Phase 1 proposal for research to the National Science Foundation, but we missed our Phase 1 deadline in 2022 and will re-submit it for 2023. We will also initiate research project with University of Aberdeen

COPYCAKE Coin as a Service: This is a specialized token that will automatically register an NFT contract address with the US Copyright office, giving any NFT the ability to bundle CopyCake into their creative work and trade it as an asset.

Big Mother’s DAO multi-sig: We introduce “ternary voting” for the disbursement of funds

Scope Q1: Big Mother’s DAO as a platform for storytelling, fundraising, and purpose driven projects.

Big Mother’s Decentralized Autonomous Studio: A standalone platform for community development of content, funding, and distribution. Applies 9×3 narrative logic