Non Fungible Theater

Why not World Game?


a 9×3 narrative logic NFT mini-series

distributed on Polygon for web3

“Why not World Game?” is a call for global spontaneous collaboration between you, me, us, them, they and y’all web surfers, creators, designers, coders, thinkers, writers, influencers, researchers, artists, teachers, scientists, students, project managers, agents, tech startups, poets, biz dev wizards, accountants, attorneys, political parties, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street to heal the separations and divisions caused by web2, big politics, and big tech.

(see roadmap)

Season 1, Episode 1: Why?

Episode 1, “Why?” begins the story of a startup technology company that collapses and figures out how to put itself back together.

Also, you should really know about the audience reach problem, it is how we all got into this mess.

Launches September 2022