Why not World Game, Act 2: The Win-Win Design Revolution!

Welcome to Why not World Game (WNWG on the Polygon network).

“Why not World Game” Act 2, Scene 4 is the kick off to the “win-win design revolution”.

We’ve already sold out of Act 1, totaling three hundred and sixty unique works of art––sold!

So far, we have sold thirty fifty sixty seventy-one unique works from our current scene, with forty nine scenes available left in Scene 4 before it sells out…forever!

WNWG is community created wealth and treasure, a type of “plural money” that stores the copyright and equity value our community is building in a compliant and permissionless fashion.

Why not World Game is dedicated to the vision of Bucky Fuller, featured in our narrative collection built on top of our “win-win” protocol for the world wide web!

You can view all one hundred and twenty frames of Act 2, Scene 1: The Design Revolution here on the google slide below. Each frame is for sale for $3240 USD, which will make you a distributor of work and allows the following Scene 5 to become open for reservations. When the following scene sells, we award you 66% ownership of the copyright royalty stream while giving you twenty seven shares of CopyCake, which is copyright ownership in Big Mother. This copyright becomes magnified with community created equity, acting like a hedge on the value of the art.

Art is Money.

Each frame is the unique title of the work as well as a line of dialogue from Bucky’s conversations with us as he sells the web on his concepts for how a design revolution can work.

(Best viewing is lappy or desktop. Click on the side arrow to view the full scene with dialogue.)

We are demonstrating the world’s very first “narrative fund” and art collection that employs a unique algorithm that follows the “win-win” protocol.

We’ve already raised more than $130,000 for engineering startups through purchases of Why not World Game’s individual works of art in our “win-win” community fund called BAE or “Bootstrapping Arts and Engineering”, a new decentralized and compliant approach to crowdfunding through the creation of plural community money in the form of art!

About WNWG

WNWG is the very first “narrative novelty” that simultaneously tells the story of Bucky Fuller, somehow alive in 2023 and engaging with us on the web as well as our community story, building on top of Bucky Fuller’s “Design Revolution” and introducing the “win-win” protocol for the world wide web.

Our narrative collection contains one thousand and eighty unique works of art, this is a real world art collection, and should not be confused as any type of “Profile Picture NFT”. We saw in Act 1 where Zack tries to convince Carey Yost to create a regenerative AI NFT, and that did not go to well.

Each frame is hand drawn, no regenerative AI was used in their creation.

We are now in Act 2, Scene One of our story of both our community and our scene with Bucky Fuller returning to the internet.

Earlier, Act 1 proved that Bucky was getting frustrated talking to folks online, and Act 2 begins by Bucky Fuller taking all of that “negative intelligence” on the web and turning it into “positive intelligence” in the form of an ad campaign for “The Design Revolution”.

The designers of WNWG are some of the top creators and designers in cartoons and animation legends in Hollywood, all who are enthused about innovating a new type of copyright for creative studios.

Onboarding into BAE

To join our team of “win-win” engineers and designers, onboard yourself into Big Mother DAO by obtaining a “Passport Token” in your metamask wallet selected to the Polygon Network, found in the sidebar menu.

Once you have a Passport Token, you have to find a “Act 2 Ticket” on the website while you consume our community narrative story of who we are, what we are building, and where we are going.

Join us on Discord where we are plotting Bucky Fuller’s “Design Revolution” with our community of start up engineers and designers, and building a $1B equity property and a $141M community fund which is dedicated towards our shared purpose.

If you are coming into our community as a supporter, builder, or distributor, smallest tranche is $3240 in Scene 4 “The Design Revolution”, if you join our community to build on top of the win win protocol, we will fund you in return for twice the amount you put in as well as becoming a co-owner of our creative work and copyright royalty stream.

Join our email list and follow our story.

We are legally compliant and the first project to successfully process equity financing contracts onto the blockchain and be amplified by terms of a smart contract.

Act 2 tickets are free of charge and sent to your polygon metamask wallet.

Discover an Act 2 ticket, and become a co-owner and distributor of “Why not World Game” Narrative Novelty, truly non-fungible theater!