Copyright Library

“Why not World Game” ©2022 is a large body of copyright that spreads across multiple mediums, the first project from Big Mother’s DAO. The distribution of the story and the fund occurs through conversations which escalate through each act, season and round.

All of the formal copyright ownership of the entire copyright library is distributed 1/3 towards creators and 2/3rds towards community. The copyright is then matched with equity assets via SEC regulated security tokens via a digital wallet.

  • Why not World Game; a stand alone art collection, 1080 unique works in total.
    • Lithographs, Posters and printing collectibles
    • Serigraphs (a reserve of 200 limited serigraphs for each work)
    • Special Editions or events (real world adaptations of each work in an event setting)
    • NFT collectibles
    • Art Book
  • Why not World Game narrative story:
    • There is enough copyright to expand Why not World Game into many mediums. Creator royalties will also be distributed, TBD.
      • Film or Television
      • Podcast
  • Why not World Game Theme
    • An original recording that we will pilot as a copyright NFT for music