Still: #090

Bucky Fuller, mAd man

Act 2 Scene 1
One hundred and twenty
unique 1 of 1 works

$3,240 each

  1. Click the still available in the header to mint Act 2 Scene 1 into your Metamask wallet on Polygon.
  2. Why not World Game and BAE is a desktop/laptop experience and is NOT OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE!
  3. If you are on a mobile device, put it down, enjoy life, and come back when you are in front of your computer in your design laboratory.

Could you imagine the Design Revolution becoming memetic propaganda?

Some folks say that Bucky’s idea for the “World Game” would have taken off in the 1970s if he just had a really good ad campaign.

“I’d like to buy the world a Coke” permeated the mainstream in the 1970s along the same wave Bucky himself initiated across college campuses world-wide.

Act 2 Scene 1 represents Bucky Fuller as the ad man, selling the world on the elegance and seductive qualities of his grand vision. Help us “Bootstrap” our engineers with our art!

We’ve already bootstrapped PiP coming back online and launching Big Mother Agency.

Every scene purchased funds Big Mother/PiP as well as initiating the pilot for the long awaited Aiki Wiki.


All activity is onboarded through one on one conversations and BAE Why not World Game nights in homes and living rooms in the hills of Los Angeles, the living rooms in Mumbai, India, and Global Zoom calls.

Please come talk with us FIRST before you make a decision to play BAE.

The Game of BAE is an innovation in community engineering and design as it applies to a community marketplace.

The algorithm guiding the community design is 9×3 narrative logic, which allows for a unique application of game theory within the design.

This is the same algorithm and organizing principle behind Aiki Wiki, where we demonstrate how a large and chaotic group consensus can form mutually resolving outcomes by decentralizing decision making down to not one agent, signature, or wallet but by two points of view whom both share equal publishing power.

In the Game of BAE, this same sequence plays out differently, where members coming into the Game of BAE discover twice the amount they put in the marketplace back in their wallet, which requires them to make a decision.

What will they do with the 2x in their wallet? Fly to Mexico or build the fund?

BAE is introducing a community engineered negotiation dynamic between a community that stores and builds just as much trust as treasure, where all outcomes are optimized for a “win-win” unexpected novelty return that gives back far more than each individual puts in.