Why not World Game!?, Act 1 has sold out.

Why not World Game!? is the first “Narrative Novelty” created by Big Mother DAO’s Studio Novità .

A studio novità is a study of novelty, combining things which have never been combined before; a spontaneous production of community storytelling that builds equity, designs and deploys technology, broadcasts purpose, and stores treasure in art over time.

Act 1 features “Master of the Line” Carey Yost and Art Director Amber Hardin’s pop cultural take on R. Buckminster Fuller having a conversation on the internet in 2022.

Our entire collection is hosted on Open Sea distributed on the Polygon network.

Bootstrapping Arts and Engineering

Our proof of concept is a 100% success. Enthusiasm for our project has resisted the crypto winter and fear of recession, selling out in a little over 30 days of launch.

The invitation to BAE in Act 1 was simple; if you fund BAE Round 1 with 1x, the BAE co-fund will fund you for 2x.

What will you do with that 2x?

Bootstrapped: Act 1 retailed for $187,000, which has given us exactly enough to launch Big Mother DAO, BAE, and four startups with an accepted $25M valuation.

ROUND 1 DAO Accomplishments

Our community buys a company! In exchange for equity, Zeit LA absorbs a community team and legacy asset and forms Big Mother, Inc.

Our first acquisition kicks off an accepted valuation of the equity asset of $25M.

FUNDED: Big Mother Inc, the corporate entity which holds the PiP technology platform.

FUNDED: Aiki Wiki, 9×3 narrative logic scoping phase.

FUNDED: CopyCake, Coin as a Service

ROUND ONE has also initiated the BAE Co-Fund, with two indie film projects and a micro-crypto fund already emerging in BAE, and a innovative web3 subDAO development collaborative.

This allows our community to now launch Act 2: THE DESIGN REVOLUTION, coming January 2023.

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