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Our platform is half blockchain, half website logic, which enables the trading of Why not World Game contracts through digital wallets, leaderboards, flashing lights and bells and whistles.

For now, everything is manual as we onboard this next step.

In exchange for your patience, you get to establish your position as a distributor and co-owner early as we ramp up.

Our full platform will not be integrated until the end of November 2022, when we go live to the public. If you are able to access this page now and want to participate in our unique distributive collection, reach out to us on discord to get in before we go live to the public.

As of 11/11/22 we are now minting The Why Not World Game NFT on the Polygon Blockchain, which you can see here on Open Sea (still fixing things! some images have not rendered yet, on top of it. so please expect small little mistakes at this stage and if you help spot them before we do, we buy you a sandwich -thx, the management)

This is our BAE Playbook, still a work in progress.

This is the flow of funds in BAE

Discuss on Discord.

Scene 1 is $120 USD and contains one slice of CopyCake. Scene 2 is $360 and contains three slices of CopyCake. Scene 3 is $1080 USD and contains nine slices of CopyCake. Our DAO stores our value in formal US Copyright, not equity, and sells these copyright contracts through smart contracts, non-fungible tokens specifically.Owning copyright is co-ownership in Big Mother DAO.

Enjoy the collection and most important, enjoy learning about Bucky Fuller!

The Signature Series

1 set of 3 works; the definitive scenes of Act 1

For our story we assume that if Bucky Fuller were alive today and somehow on the internet, he would do what he always did and would pick up where he left off before he died in 1983.

He would want to get everybody to play the world game.

Why not World Game employs a unique algorithm for story structure called 9×3 narrative logic, an innovation from within our community of artists and designers.

Narrative logic follows a classic three act narrative structure from conflict to resolution.

This algorithm is used to overlay a narrative structure to disagreement, argument, discussion or negotiation in its pure form which then allows natural resolution to emerge, as developed by Big Mother’s DAO.

But what happens if we overlay a discussion logic over a story, the opposite way? What kind of a story would you get? Well, you would get a sort of a story inside of a story, a story that can distribute itself and even have the audience join the story, in real time.

The story within the story

Act 1 is comprised of 360 unique works of art which tell Bucky Fuller’s side of a discussion, imagined happening in the year 2023, that Fuller is having with everybody on the web.


If Bucky Fuller was alive, how would he design an NFT for crowdfunding the World Game?

“PFP” NFTs, or “profile picture non-fungible tokes” which have been made popular by BAYC and CryptoPunk NFTs, apply regenerative AI, an algorithm that produces variations of a single illustration with different attributes.

The regenerative AI creates variations in such a way so as to produce uniquely scarce works, allowing “collector value” and “utility value” to be combined. This means that these AIs are applying scarcity as a “design principle” which would run counter to how Bucky Fuller would design an NFT if he were alive.

So we replaced regenerative AI with 9×3 narrative logic which will allow us to overlay a “whole system design” over NFT collectibles which opens up some surprising channels.

Variations on a Dome.

56 variations of each scene in the series for a total of 168 unique works in this collection

“Why not World Game?”, Act 1, is expressed through titles written in the top twelve languages in the world, each re-asking, over and over, different ways of asking the same question WHY NOT WORLD GAME!?!?!

This may be the largest art collection in the world

We hope.

As an art collection, “Why not World Game?” is massive, totaling one thousand and eighty (1,080) unique works of art around a theme and a purpose through a narrative three-act structure, told through titles with 360 works in each act, which are distributed viewer to viewer as distribution contracts written as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

But these are not like any NFTs that anyone is familiar with. These NFTs are unique distribution contracts that transform into a multivalued hedged asset, a “synergized” asset, which you will learn more about as you immerse deeper into our narrative structure.

Where artist Carey Yost produced the definitive scene, deeper textures of that event are explored by artist Amber Hardin, producing a natural collaboration and collection of 360 total works, comprising the totality of Act 1.

This unique structure allows artists, writers and designers to “riff” on a theme, like jazz, where anything in the works opens up a new area of spontaneous exploration around elements of a story.

The theme becomes continually re-woven into the expressive structures as the story and three act structure evolves.

There are many ways to explore the ideas of Bucky Fuller in Why not World Game?

Inside of Act 1, the artists have encoded many of Bucky’s ideas, themes, and insights into this naturally occurring variation structure.

The Easter Eggs

12 variations in the series for total of 36 unique works

Question everything.

The Pop Collection

24 variations in the series for a total of 78 unique works

Bucky was the original memetic architect for many ideas which have permeated pop culture since his time. Even Andy Warhol marveled at the structure of the geodesic dome. Did Andy Warhol design the original NFT collectibles years ago? We like to think so.

A Pattern Integrity

8 variations in the series for a total of 24 unique works

Bubbles form out of water on the waves marooning onto the ocean shores.

How does water hold the shape of a sphere? That’s called a pattern integrity.

The Opposite Position

5 variations in the series for a total of 15 unique works

Bucky in many ways had his own unique “dialectic” that he believed was far better than Karl Marx could ever imagine; this dance between “positive and negative” intelligence.

What happens when positive and negative intelligence are organized as 1 whole system?

Can two sides both win an argument?

Spectrum Series

12 variations in the set for a total of 36 unique works

Bucky’s message was, with intention, “transcendent” to politics. It favored no one ideology more than the other. While Bucky noted that ideologies simply look after “their own sides” and not the whole system. What ideology seeks to deliver “total success for all without disadvantage to any?”

What ideology in the world leads us toward a practical reality where billionaire levels of wealth are available to every single man, woman and child?

We found Bucky’s core principles to be quite meaningful in 2022, and we believe they are worth preserving, and building web3 on top of.

Act 1 concludes our tribute to the PFP NFT and the pioneers of web3, if Bucky was going to make something similar to what you all did, we believe it would kind of look like Act 1 of Why not World Game?!

The story about the story

This is an immersive narrative.

There are three different ways to view one discovery.

Here is another.

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