Hello internets, Happy New Year!

My name is R. Buckminster Fuller.

Act 2 Scene 1: Bucky Fuller, mAD Man

Stage: Bucky Fuller’s office, January 1st, 2023.

Bucky Fuller, alive somehow on the internet in 2023, frustrated that no one remembers who he is or has any idea about “The World Game”.

While he was briefly annoyed towards the end of Act 1 (2022), Bucky decided instead to turn on his “positive intelligence” and not descend into the “negative intelligence” of social media.

“It is time to release the memes!”, and with that, Bucky launches his “Design Revolution” on the World Wide Web on January 1st, 2023.

I meme to be a verb

The nature of an idea is to distribute omnidirectionally!

Bucky realized that in his own office and study, he could use the tools of the computer and internet to design a media campaign for his “design revolution”.

He realized that he could use web3 technology in his own way, and apply “whole systems design”, using 9×3 Narrative Logic, and use smart contracts and non-fungible tokens to tell his story.

Call to Action

While Act 1 used 9×3 narrative logic to create a “fake” regenerative AI PFP NFT, Act 2 opens up narrative logic to communicate a theme in real time, as it unfold through community storytelling and equity building.

The Medium is the Message

Act 2 showcases “Master of the Line” Mucci Fassett, with Carey Yost as Art Director and Amber Hardin as Scene Artist, Rome Viharo as Project Designer and Zack Zarate as frazzled co-founder and millennial ambassador to the cool kid NFT communities.

“Wow! Can you believe we sold out of Act 1?” said Rome to Zack, “We actually did it!”

Huckleberry Finn once said “It ain’t braggin’ if ya’ done it!” and that can be confirmed to be true.

A community of artists and designers banded together to cross what was previously an insurmountable hurdle.

They did do it!

A proof of concept has now been demonstrated! “Win-Win Community Engineering” is beyond the theoretical and into the demonstrable.

Big Mother DAO raised enough money by selling a dynamic art collection to quick raise a $25M equity property from the ashes of 2020 defeat.

Rome Viharo is no longer depressed on the couch over loss and what’s her name, and the entire team is back together with a new company.

During a crypto winter, where mistrust of NFTs, the blockchain, and even the economy is at an all time low, enthusiasm only builds for our project!

Creating Community Treasure

Big Mother DAO was able to accomplish the impossible in Act 1, $0 – $25M, because of a special type of community design we are demonstrating, BAE or Bootstrapping Arts and Engineering.

This is employing one of our innovations, A into P, and 9×3 narrative logic as a form of community engineering.

We demonstrate how a robust community can store wealth in community created art. Not only can a community store this wealth in art, but it can grow that wealth to fund community created equity properties.

What’s more, a community can store and build wealth this way in a manner that is stable, trustworthy, impervious to wild crypto prices swings, impervious to meddlesome day traders looking for quick flips, impervious to ponzi schemes, Wall Street or Silicon Valley, impervious to crypto winters.

It ain’t braggin’ if ya done it!

Studio Novità BAE

BAE has an explosive property, A into P, which basically moves funds around the community quickly to build the value of a community created asset which takes the form of a formal US Copyright Royalty Stream which is then supported by community created equity. This allows a community to build and store wealth as hard as ice, soft as water, and move like a stream.

Hard as Ice

What makes BAE “hard as ice” is the support of community created equity, which is pegged to USD in accepted valuations of equity properties, and the blockchain, which insures community distribution of resources and wealth from the sale of the digital works towards the shared purpose of our fund.

What empowers this dynamic, turning it into a deterministic fund, is the power of equity that the community is building, combining the certainty of the blockchain with the support of community created equity properties, supporting the copyright ownership of the art collection.

Soft as Water

When any wallet purchases our community asset, they are obtaining a digital work of art which comes bundled with the retail rights to sell the following scene.

This function is coded into the smart contract, and creates an offer so good and full of win-win that it cannot simply be refused.

What makes BAE “soft as water” is its remarkable flexible properties, easy to find opportunities that create a “win-win” participatory community around a shared purpose, into a form of “Win-win Adhocracy” style of governance, managed by the blockchain but malleable to human nature.

Unique opportunities open and close quickly in this fast paced, high velocity community design that builds and stores the value of community treasure, built by artists and engineers and distributed by “win-win” marketplace dynamics.

Moves like a Stream

What makes BAE move fast like a “stream” is the explosive property, whatever you put into the community, the community gives you back twice as much just to start.

If you fund our community for 1x, our community funds you for 2x, maybe 4x or higher in some cases.

If you purchase the work of art for 1x, funding our community, our community will fund your wallet with 2x, and grow it to fund you.

What will you do with that 2x?

So far, Big Mother DAO’s first Studio Novità BAE fund has two film projects committed to BAE co-funding along with a major technology startup in web3, with a few more projects emerging in Act 2.

Act 2 closes with the total fund building $5.5M towards community roadmap and community led projects, turning our $25M equity empire into a $100M equity empire. What grows the fund is our art collection, what supports our fund is our community created equity.

All dollars coming into the BAE fund are backed by community created equity.

To participate in Act 2, the Design Revolution, you need to get an Act 2 Ticket or have an Act 1 Scene 3 collectible in your wallet.

Act 2 Scene 1 “Bucky Fuller, mAd Man” retails for $3, 240 USD, traded in MATIC and comes bundled with the retail rights to sell Act 2 Scene 2 “Bucky Fuller does an Ad buy” for $9720 USD, of which returns $6,480 USD in MATIC directly back in your wallet for building your co-fund.

What will you do with that 2x? Come let us know on discord!