Hello internets.

My name is R. Buckminster Fuller.

Act 2 Scene 1: Bucky Fuller, mAD Man

Bucky Fuller, alive somehow on the internet in 2023, frustrated that no one remembers who he is or has any idea about “The World Game”.

While he was briefly annoyed towards the end of Act 1, Bucky decided instead to turn on his “positive intelligence” and not descend into the negativity of the world wide web.

“It is time to release the memes!”, and with that, Bucky launches his “Design Revolution” on the World Wide Web on January 1st, 2023.

I meme to be a verb

The nature of an idea is to distribute!

Bucky realized that in his own office and study, he could use the tools of the computer and internet to design a media campaign for his “design revolution”.

He realized that he could use web3 technology in his own way, and apply “whole systems design”, using 9×3 narrative logic, and use smart contracts and non-fungible tokens to tell his story.

Call to Action

While Act 1 used 9×3 narrative logic to create a “fake” regenerative AI PFP NFT, Act 2 opens up narrative logic to communicate a theme in real time, as it unfold through community storytelling and equity building.

The Medium is the Message

WNWG is only traded on our website for those that have passport tokens or act tickets.

If you want to follow 9×3 narrative logic as it unfolds on the Polygon blockchain, go to our collection page on OpenSea, and sort by “oldest”. Our collection is only hosted on OpenSea, and cannot be purchased there, only here on our website.

Fun stuff: Marshall McLuhan’s keyphrase from the 1960s was entirely inspired by Bucky Fuller, who claimed Marshall McLuhan didn’t have one original idea in him, it was all Bucky’s concepts, played out as Marshall McLuhan’s “global village”.

As you can see on OpenSea, Act 1 ended with Bucky having negative reactions to his first online encounters, Act 1 Scene 3, which retailed for $1,080 each.

Those were the last unique works to sell out in Act 1.

Now we see the escalation continue, we see the story go in a new direction on the blockchain, in real time, with Act 2, Scene 1, which retails for $3,240 USD

“Bucky Fuller, mAD Man” on the Polygon blockchain

Act 2 Scene 1 continues in this linear narrative fashion, with all one hundred and twenty works showcasing Bucky Fuller’s “Design Revolution” made with 100% Bucky approved “Positive Intelligence”.

Act 2 showcases “Master of the Line” Mucci Fassett, with Carey Yost as Art Director and Amber Hardin as Scene Artist.

To join our team of “win-win” engineers and designers, onboard yourself into Big Mother DAO by obtaining a “Passport Token” in your metamask wallet selected to the Polygon Network.

Join us on Discord where we are plotting Bucky Fuller’s “Design Revolution” with our community of start up engineers and designers, and building a $1B equity property and a $141M community fund which is dedicated towards our shared purpose.

Discover an Act 2 ticket, and become a co-owner and distributor of “Why not World Game” Narrative Novelty.