Why not World Game has sold out of the entire Act 1 collection, three hundred and sixty unique works!

$187, 200.00 in BAE transactions for funding and co-funding.

Act 1 features “Master of the Line” Carey Yost and Art Director Amber Hardin’s pop cultural take on R. Buckminster Fuller having a conversation on the internet in 2022.

Our entire collection is hosted on Open Sea . We will complete minting of Act 1 on December 28th.

About Act 1

Act 1 Scene 1 contained one hundred and twenty unique works which sold for $120 each, opening up Scene 2, one hundred and twenty unique works for $360 each, and finishing with Scene 3, one hundred and unique works for $1080 each.

About BAE Marketplace Act 1 CLOSED

Act 1 escalated quickly because of the inherent “win-win” properties of BAE funding and co-funding. The marketplace dynamics insures that whatever the purchase price of the work (1x), the BAE co-fund puts 2x back in the wallet of the purchaser.

The “deal” is remarkably simple, what ever you put into BAE you get back 2x in BAE. Everyone in our community has explosive 1x to 2x immediate power in BAE, enabling “win-win” collaborations to easily form in a decentralized studio fund.

This 2x can then “grow” in the BAE fund through an elegant “wholesale and retail” marketplace.


This also closes Round 1 in the very first pilot of a BAE marketplace and successfully concludes our proof of concept.

We have now proven, a community can begin with $0 and form a multi-million dollar asset and multiple other assets and properties quickly using BAE’s “self-funding” dynamics.

BAE is no longer a theoretical possibility of something that may happen, but a demonstrable, in real time, transparent on the blockchain proof of the “win-win” algorithm underlying BAE.

This means that we have successfully initiated a community acquisition of a small agency, retrieved a legacy asset, and can now begin forming four startup engineering companies.

Our first acquisition kicks off an accepted valuation of the equity asset of $25M.

FUNDED: Big Mother Inc, the corporate entity which holds the PiP technology platform.

FUNDED: Aiki Wiki, 9×3 narrative logic scoping phase.

FUNDED: CopyCake, Coin as a Service

ROUND ONE has also initiated the BAE Co-Fund, with two indie film projects and a micro-crypto fund already emerging in BAE, and a innovative web3 subDAO development collaborative.

This allows our community to now launch Act 2: THE DESIGN REVOLUTION, coming January 2023.